What to Bring?

We look after almost everything, from diner to breakfast to packaging, water and snacks But to make your trip even easier for you we recoment concidering taking the following:

Cardigan - as we make early starts it an be nippy first thing in the morning so something easy to put on to stay warm.

Granny trolley - Even though it might not be the most fashionable thing to drag along, you will find its a great way to get your treasures back to the coach as some markets are very Large.

Mobile phone charger - As most of us these days uses social media, messager ect to stay in touch with the loved once it is always handy to have a mobile phone carger and a continental converter plug. 

Passport - The most important of all would be your passport. Even though it is not a legal requerment yet we do recoment that youhave a minimum of 2 months left before your passport expirece.

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